A Healthy Relationship Requires a Healthy Nervous System

Most of the challenges we experience in relationships are directly related to our ability to self-regulate and operate from a place of peace and groundedness. 

When we react impulsively or in a volatile manner it’s because our subconscious protection patterns have been triggered which tells us that we don’t feel safe and we go into protection mode automatically. 

When we don’t feel safe it is because of a perceived threat (that can be real or imagined) that has hijacked our mind and nervous system. Our logical rational mind is now offline and we are operating from the survival center of the brain in fight/flight/freeze/fawn. 

The more we work to regulate and heal our nervous system proactively the less likely we will be to get hijacked in relationships and operate from protection patterns. 

Here’s how coaching with me will help you to heal your nervous system: 

  • We will bring to light your triggers and the root cause of them and you will receive the support you need to feel, process, integrate, and release any emotional energy that is keeping them charged
  • You will be held in a safe, trauma-informed container and receive the felt-sense of safety in your body which helps create neural pathways in the brain to support you
  • You will be given tools to increase your ability to self-regulate and feel safe within your own body
  • You will learn communication strategies so that you experience being seen and heard and also provide that same experience to others in your life
  • You will practice self-compassion in the moments where you are human and be able to meet yourself with love

If you are single this is the perfect time to work on self-regulation and healing your nervous system so that you can have a solid foundation to build your next relationship on. 

If you are in a relationship this is the perfect opportunity to experience the mirror of partnership which will illuminate the places and spaces within you that need your attention, love, and healing so that they do not get unconsciously projected onto your partner.

I can promise you that healing your nervous system will transform your relationships. 

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