Jess Hendrick

I guide you to identify and release your internal blocks so you can heal and shift your patterns permanently which leads to more fulfilling and connected relationships (with self and others).

In our sessions we discover the subconscious beliefs that are running your life → uncover the root cause, process, and heal →  choose new beliefs to create the outcome you desire → experience major transformation in relationships!

I am a certified Conscious Relationship Coach and I use an intuitive and integrative approach in my practice that includes:

  • Subconscious reprogramming
  • Inner-child work
  • Self-love and acceptance practices
  • Trauma healing and release work
  • A framework for healthy communication and repair
  • Breakup recovery
  • Conscious relationship principles and practices
  • Many more practical and spiritual tools to lead you back to love and peace within yourself which ultimately translates into love and peace in relationship to others and all of life.
My degrees are in Psychology (BA) and Occupational Therapy (Masters). I have an insatiable appetite and passion for inner work and understanding the human mind and the true liberation comes as a result. 
My life has been my case-study. I have been through it ALL in my relationships. I spent 20+ years learning the intricacies of trauma and how to process heal and integrate so that you can finally have a new experience. I distill this information down into a customized approach for each client to provide a fast-track to healing themselves and their relationships.
As an adult I was unknowingly carrying the subconscious beliefs I had created as a child with me (“I have to be perfect to deserve love”, “Love is hard” “I am not enough”, etc.), which led to relationships with a lot of toxicity, abuse, manipulation, narcissists, unavailable people, and when I had the opportunity to date someone who actually treated me well – I was turned off! All of these relationships led to the same thing – PAIN! (and very valuable lessons, but I didn’t realize that at the time).
This pain, and these challenges have been my greatest teacher. I came to learn that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. I believe any challenges we face are only there to direct us towards our own evolution in becoming the highest version of ourselves. I am at the place where I am grateful for all of it. However I did not always have this viewpoint – far from it – I spent years filled with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and hopelessness, until I learned there is another way to experience my relationship with myself and the world.
Today I have a beautiful, conscious, healthy relationship with myself, which led to a beautiful, healthy, conscious relationship with all others in my life. I am certain that if I was not committed to my own inner work, I would never have been able to experience this level of love and connection with other human beings. I want the same for you! 
Whether you want to learn to love yourself fully and unconditionally, or you want to shift your relationships to a family member, or you want to call in your partner – I am here for you! Let’s walk this path together!