Change Your Story Change Your Life

You know the definition of insanity right? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Well, that’s how most of us spend our lives by default because we don’t know that there is another way. 

We have created a set of beliefs backed by our past experiences that shape the individual paradigm and story through which we experience the world and so we find the same themes everywhere we go. Some of these beliefs serve us and many hold us back. 

Creating awareness around the stories that we keep inadvertently reinforcing is the first step to shifting and releasing them so that we can have a new experience. We can tell a new story which will open up the opportunity for new experiences.

We have forgotten our true nature and that our purpose here is to co-create and experience the expression of the divine through us (as us). Inner work allows us to REMEMBER our true essence and let go of patterns, beliefs, and programs that are not serving us and from that place we really can be, do and have whatever we can dream.

I have experienced absolute miracles in my life as a result of going within with the support of my coaches, mentors, therapists, friends and really recognizing the old stories and having a safe supportive space to release what needs to be released so that I can step into a new paradigm. I guide my clients through this process and have witnessed absolute miracles in their lives as a result. Anything is possible (if we believe anything is possible!). 

What is the story you have been telling yourself? Is it supporting you in embodying the highest expression of yourself? Or is it holding you back and creating painful outcomes?

If you have a magic wand and you could create whatever you desire – what would you create? What is the new story that you need to tell to support yourself in this creation? Start speaking it into existence. Words hold vibrational energy. That’s why it’s called spell-ing.

Abracadabra means I create as I speak. One of my favorite people just reminded me: “think of every word that comes out of your mouth as a prayer to the universe” and I am sharing this wisdom with you because it is powerful and you are powerful.

Tell a new story and watch your life change to reflect it!

If you need some support in identifying and releasing the old story that is my speciality. Book your consult and let’s connect: here

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