Conflict is inevitable – Learning how to REPAIR is what makes or breaks our relationships

We experience the world and our relationships through the lens of our personal belief system. Conflict can occur when our INTERPRETATION of what is happening is different than someone else’s. We think that everyone’s experience is the same as ours – but that is where we are misguided.

No matter how compatible you are with someone you will still have moments where there is misalignment and differences of opinion – that is not inherently bad or wrong. We get into trouble when we interpret it bad or wrong in our minds and judge the interaction/experience.

Learning the tools to REPAIR which looks like consciously communicating our own experience, as well as, creating space for the other person to do the same is one of the biggest factors that determines the level of fulfillment we have in our relationships.

I teach my clients tools to create a safe space for everyone to be seen, heard, and understood – which is what everyone is craving – and this allows for resolution to arise organically when we put aside our egos and the need to be right and instead seek to understand ourselves and the other. 

Investing the time to learn these communication tools (that most of us were not taught) will give you the gift of more loving, connected and fulfilling relationships. 

If you need some support with repairing conflict – click this link and book your consult call at the link below. I support individuals and couples.

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