Do I need to be in a relationship to receive relationship coaching? No!

I often get asked: “How does relationship coaching work?” “Do I need to be in a romantic relationship to work with you?” and the answer is no. The deeper answer to this question is that ALL OF LIFE IS A RELATIONSHIP – we are all in relationship to other people, to money, to our health and most importantly we are in relationship with OURSELVES. We are always in relationship. 

Here’s the important piece – how we do ONE THING is how we do EVERYTHING! Meaning whatever pattern is showing up in one area of our life is likely to show up in all areas if we start paying a little more attention.

This is because our beliefs create the mental filter through which we view and experience others and the world. As Wayne Dyer said: “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” If we want to shift our outer circumstances the work starts from within. Whatever we believe will become true for us.

For example if we have a belief that “I have to do everything on my own” – we will view the world through the lens of that filter and FIND EVIDENCE that supports that belief. It won’t matter if the person in front of us is trying to help, we won’t be able to clearly see it. This is often where conflict shows up in relationship.

A big part of creating healthy relationships is knowing ourselves. Learning our patterns and triggers and being willing to use anything that life is reflecting back to us (through relationship) as a mirror that will reveal to us the places that could benefit from some inner work, healing, and shifts.

How else would we see these things for ourselves if not for reflection from our relationships and the circumstances in our lives?

I believe that life moves us in and out of relationships all the time and that the universe/God/Spirit is invested in our evolution – meaning that whatever is showing up in front of us can be the vehicle for our own expansion and healing and alignment with the highest version of ourselves – like spiritual sandpaper. 

So whether you are currently in a romantic relationship or not – any inner work you do will serve you in creating more freedom in all areas of your life because you will not become as hijacked by your mental filter and protection patterns that actually no longer serve you.

Where are you currently stuck? 

What would you like to create in your life?

I would be honored to guide you in releasing anything that is keeping you from experiencing the deepest desires of your own heart – because they are there for a reason and I believe they are part of your purpose on the planet. 

If this is speaking to you and you would like to explore it more deeply I invite you to book an initial call with me here:

Can’t wait to connect with you!

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