Energy Doesn’t Lie – You Can’t Trick Frequency

We are energetic beings and the way we come across and the way we react and respond to others has a lot to do with energy. The frequency and energy we embody and give off directly affect all of our relationships.

Certain energies invite in the opportunity for connection and closeness (acceptance, contentment, peace, allowing, non-attachment) and certain energies repel and create distance (neediness, forcing, grasping, clinging, attachment to outcomes) . 

The energy of neediness, for example, is a repellant energy. If we are feeling like we need something from someone, we will give off that frequency and likely push them away. We can try to act differently than how we are feeling inside but the energy/frequency will still be detected. 

Conversely, when we embody the energy of being so secure and grounded within ourselves that we show up without any attachment to people, places, and things being any way other than exactly as they are – THAT energy is what tends to draw people in because they sense that they can engage with us and feel free to be exactly as they are. 

There is no shortcut to actually doing the healing work which will shift and elevate your frequency and your outer world (life circumstances) will become a reflection of your inner world (mind/beliefs). 

The more we clear and heal old programming and beliefs the more space is created for us to elevate into the highest version of ourselves and align with other people/energies/frequencies who are doing the same. Like attracts like. 

We don’t attract what we want. We attract what we ARE.

The fastest way to attract what we desire in the world is to EMBODY what it is that we are SEEKING. 

Don’t wait for others to go first. Show up as the embodiment of love, compassion, peace and acceptance and watch how magnetic you become!

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