Feeling and Processing Our Emotions Heals Us

We are energetic beings and we hold emotional energy from past experiences in our physical bodies. Many of us were not taught that it is okay and actually HEALTHY to feel our emotions. As a result many of us learned to suppress them and push them down in order to be loved or accepted.

But our bodies keep score and remember. Our cells remember. This energy can manifest into physical diseases if we don’t process and integrate it in a safe and loving way. If we don’t proactively create this healing for ourselves then life will create the opportunity for us by drawing in circumstances to bring the emotional energy forward and out.

Emotions are energy-in-motion. Our bodies are brilliant and they know how much we can handle at any given time and so as we embark on our healing journeys life will reveal to us anywhere we are not yet free – including the feelings we have suppressed and bring in the people, circumstances and events to draw them forward FOR OUR BENEFIT in the perfect time and space.

We do not have to go digging to try to reveal and heal our past trauma. Life will show us and teach us and one of the biggest teachers will be our relationships with others (especially romantic ones!).

In order to allow these emotions to come to the surface we need to feel SAFE enough. Since many of us were shamed or punished for our emotions our minds have stored this experience as dangerous and so it will take some time and the creation of a safe, loving and supportive space to allow them to be fully felt and processed.

The more we clear out this old energy the more space is created for a NEW EXPERIENCE within ourselves and relating to others AND the more we can create and hold space for others in their emotions since we can only meet people as deeply as we have met ourselves.

This, my friends, is a big part of how we can heal the world. Imagine if everyone stopped projecting their unhealed and unprocessed pain out into the world and put the focus back on their own healing? People would have more compassion for themselves and more compassion for others and the way we relate to ourselves and the world would shift.

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