Finding the One Versus Becoming the One

I don’t believe in “the one” and I’ll tell you why. One of my favorite spiritual texts “A Course in Miracles” explains this concept perfectly. It explains how the concept of “the one” actually keeps us stuck in a never-ending loop searching for that ONE SPECIAL PERSON who will show up and solve all of our problems and take all of our pain away. It also describes this idea as “the biggest gun in the ego’s arsenal” and for good reason. 

This idea is a trap because we idealize and fantasize the one and also feel incomplete if we don’t have it. It tells us to search outside of ourselves for the missing piece that will finally make us whole. It also guides us to focus externally which is the path to disempowerment and suffering. 

You don’t have to look too far in our society to see that this story is reinforced pretty much everywhere. Just check out the messages in Disney movies and rom coms and the songs we listen to! All about someone outside of us that is going to make us happy and make everything right with the world.

So here’s the key. You can have everything that you want and YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for. The more you put the focus back on you and become an energetic match to what you desire the more life will meet you there and send you the people, places and situations that are aligned with your vibrational resonance. It starts with YOU!

We need to remember that there is nothing outside of us that is going to make us feel whole and that doing our inner work to release any patterns, programs and beliefs that tell us we are incomplete is vital to calling in a partner who is aligned. 

Becoming what we seek is the way. Self-love and loving all parts of ourselves is the path. Remember the truth of who you are and your divine essence and embody that energy and watch how the outer circumstances of your life will shift to rise up to meet you in that vibration.

If you need support on your journey please reach out! We can walk the path together 🙂

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