Generational Trauma and Breaking the Cycle

We carry 7 generations of energy from our family lineage in our DNA. Think of your parents and their parents and what you know they have been through in their lives and then think of the previous generations who survived wars and all kinds of hardships that we aren’t even aware of. They basically existed in survival mode all of the time and obviously when we are in survival mode becoming the highest versions of ourselves isn’t the top priority.

This is the first generation that has had the opportunity to slow down and receive some support (coaching/therapy/workshops/books) and go through a process of self-discovery to uncover what we are the way we are and consciously shift the patterns that are no longer serving us. Rewiring our brains and creating a different experience. Actually changing our own DNA and the DNA of 7 generations forward.

Trauma is carried with us from generation to generation until someone wakes up and has the courage to begin to heal. This person is the cycle breaker and often the black sheep of the family because they are the one who does not go along with dysfunctional dynamics and paves their own new way. 

This was me and if you resonate with this then it’s probably also you.

Healing generational trauma happens in layers. A lot of us are numb initially and also in survival mode, just like our parents were. As we thaw out we start to actually feel much of what we have pushed down or brushed under the rug and it can feel like things are getting worse but it’s actually a detox process. Things come up in order to be felt, processed, integrated and released. Life, as our teacher, will show us the places and spaces where we are not yet free and our journey is for our own liberation. 

The more liberated we become, the more we experience more joy, connection and intimacy in our day to day lives which is why I am so passionate about this work. I love true genuine authentic connection and love guiding my clients to release their armor and open up to create that in their lives. 

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