Healing a Broken Heart Requires As Much Love and Care as Healing a Broken Bone

Heartbreak and heartache is part of the human experience and can hurt just as much as a physical injury. Our society doesn’t seem to view it this way or create the time and care needed to allow our hearts to heal in the same way we would need time and care for a broken bone to heal.

There is a book called Tears to Triumph by Marianne Williamson that talks about this concept, that often we need to create a “hospital for the soul” to allow ourselves to heal from grief and heartbreak – doesn’t that make so much sense?

In the last year my heart has broken multiple times and I know I am not alone. Families were torn apart during COVID, relationships and marriages came to an end, addictions of all types are on the rise because so much has come up for all of us. If you’re anything like me you didn’t get a chance to heal from one thing before another thing came in and took you out again.

Here’s what I have learned from the journey of healing my own heart the past few years as well as supporting my clients in healing their broken hearts:

  • Broken hearts hurt as much as physical injuries and can contribute to disease/physical ailments.
  • Sometimes a break is needed from whatever or whomever is contributing to the heartbreak (ex-romantic partners, family, friends, community).
  • God sends help in many different forms and prayer is a powerful energetic practice that can call that help in.
  • The universe is invested in our evolution and adversity will show us all of the places and spaces where we are not yet free.
    • This gives us the opportunity to heal our deepest core wounds by giving us direct access to them.
  • You may or may not ever get the closure or the conversation you feel you need to heal and move forward.
  • When things feel like too much, too painful, too big remember you can turn them over to God every day, as many times as needed. 
  • When the pain is too much take things ONE MOMENT AT A TIME – observe how the brain wants to go into the future or back to the past in frantic effort to escape the pain of the present.
  • Professional support is worth every penny. Our vibrational frequency is EVERYTHING. Investing in support for your mental and physical well-being will help you heal, as everything is connected.
  • Grief and heartache in the present often brings up old grief and heartache that we never fully felt or processed – learn to hold and care for it without judgment as though it were a little child coming to you for support.
  • Go where the love is, you may not get what you are needing from the people you want to get it from but there are people who will show up for you and love you full – EVERY PART – set the intention to find and surround yourself with such people.
  • It may feel like things will never shift and you will always feel this way – that is not the truth – everything changes and this will shift, but trying to rush ourselves out of pain will often have a compounding effect that creates more pain.

If you are currently experiencing heartbreak or grief and are feeling the call to provide additional support for yourself, I would love to support you! Click this link to connect on a consult call:


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