Healing Trauma: Transform Your Struggle Into Strength

I am going through a breakup that has rocked me to my core. It has brought up a lot of my “old stuff” including limiting beliefs, trauma and wounding stored in my body. As much inner work as I have done, there is always another layer – it’s part of this whole “human experience” thing. 

When something traumatic happens, our brain goes into survival mode and we want to do whatever we can to keep ourselves safe. The brain assesses the threat in the situation and “where in the past” we have felt this way. Depending on our programming, we may go into fight/flight or freeze mode. My go-to tends to be “fight” and I wanted to do everything in my power to restore safety and connection in my relationship when it was severed. I wanted to fix it, and fix it fast. Add on top of it the general sense of uncertainty in the world, with the pandemic and all of the other craziness and it was not a good combination.

It literally felt like I was dying because my nervous system was tuned into all of the past experiences and memories where I had been left/abandoned. When this happens in our lives it can be really intense, and also it’s an opportunity to release this pain that has been stored in our bodies for years. No one wants to go through any type of pain, but if we are going through something, we may as well use it as a chance to heal ourselves on a deeper level. It’s like a detox process, things need to come up in order to be cleared and released.

Our tendency is going to be to try to “fix it” with the person. This is the way our brain avoids facing the pain that has come up. It’s a distraction, if you will. If we do not take the opportunity to go within, do our own self-reflection, and get outside support for ourselves – we will recreate the very same dynamic again because our soul is leading us to release and heal the pain stored in our bodies.

This is the time where we can choose: do we want to milk this experience for all it’s worth and really use it as a change to transform our beliefs and release the stored pain so that we can be FREE? Life has a brilliant way of bringing up our pain over and over again, not so that it can torture us, but SO THAT WE CAN HEAL IT. 

Whether you have been working on yourself for a while, or you have just started on this path, I am here to guide you to release the beliefs and programs that are creating pain in your life so that you can experience the life and the relationships you long for.

In order to change any circumstances we need to go within and uncover what created these circumstances to begin with (and it’s always our past experiences and our belief system) and CHOOSE A NEW WAY and step into that new way every day until it becomes second nature.

This is how we create lasting change. I am giving myself this gift right now and I would be honored to guide you in giving this gift to yourself! If you’re curious and want to learn more, book a complimentary call with me! I can’t wait to connect with you!

Sending peace, love, and blessings.

Jess xo