How Doing Our Inner Work Transforms Our Relationships

We experience the world through the lens of our individual belief system which is formed based on our past experiences. No two people will experience something the exact same way. Our individual mental filter creates our interpretation of what is happening between us and other people. 

This is THE BIGGEST thing I work on with my clients. We think that OUR INTERPRETATION is the ultimate truth. It isn’t. It is our personal interpretation based on our personal mental filter. This is a big part of what creates conflict and breakdowns in relationships. The assumption that our interpretation is the truth. 

Our relationships will mirror back to us our own mental filter and our beliefs about the world through how we relate to others. They are a vehicle for important information and feedback about things within ourselves that need our attention. 

If we have a disproportionate reaction to something it indicates that a past wound is being activated in the present moment. If it’s hysterical, it’s historical. We time-travel back to the memories that are stored in our subconscious mind and the mind is perceiving a threat which triggers our survival instincts of fight/flight/freeze/fawn. This happens most often in our closest relationships. 

These triggers provide valuable information and a direct access point into what needs healing WITHIN US in order to decrease the charge around the trigger and give enough space and consciousness in the present moment that gives us the freedom to  choose how to react to the person in front of us right here right now. 

We are responsible for healing these places and spaces within us and doing so will allow us to relate to others from a space of love and freedom rather than a space of being reactionary. 

Illuminating the protection patterns and releasing old stories that are blocking us from the love and connection we desire to experience and healing and shifting into a new paradigm and way of relating to others is the name of the game. This process creates space for us to have an entirely new and different experience in relationships.

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