Just Because You’re In A Relationship Does Not Mean You Are Good At Them

There are times in our lives when we will be in a romantic relationship and times when we will not. That is guaranteed. It is vital that we learn to be at peace on our own and love and accept ourselves with or without a romantic partner – otherwise our contentment with life will be at the mercy of whether we have a partner or not.  

If you can make sure you have the best relationship with the number one person in your life (YOU!) then the rest of your relationships will be more connected, loving and peaceful (and if they are not you will be able to set boundaries to honor yourself and your peace).

People have asked me: “how can you be a relationship coach when you are currently single?” and I will admit it does hit a nerve because I do desire to create a beautiful conscious partnership AND this question really misses the point. 

Firstly, I am in LOTS of relationships – just not currently a romantic one. Secondly, it perpetuates the assumption that because you’re in a romantic relationship you are good at them! Being in a relationship is not a substitute for doing our own inner work. 

In order to have healthy relationships with others and show up as the best version of ourselves more often – we need to do our own inner work. My life has been my greatest teacher and because I am doing this work at a very deep level and I am actually more qualified because of the challenges I have experienced on a personal level.

I can help you because it has been my life’s mission to learn about trauma, relationship dynamics, communication, and conscious relating so much so that I am obsessed with it and can provide my 20+ years of training (and 41 years of life experience) to my clients who are a few steps behind me supporting you in navigating your own healing process. 

I am moving through some of these things WITH YOU and embodying what it looks like to grow up with relational trauma and do the work to heal it (mind, body, spirit) so that WE can finally have a different experience. You heal you. I hold a safe space and provide love, support and tools that allow you to liberate yourself from past conditioning and step into the life and the healthy relationships that you desire.

If I, or you, wanted an average or lame relationship, just to have a relationship – we could have one. But this work of conscious relating is about more than that. It is the journey of liberating ourselves from past programs and conditioning and truly being at peace within ourselves – with or without a romantic partnership.

If this sounds like the next step for you, I’d be honored to support you and I invite you to book a connection call with me here: 


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