Life Is Our Teacher

I had a session with my mentor and coach Santo last week (and yes, coaches also need coaches) and he said something really profound that is worth sharing. He asked me “what is in front of you right now” and emphasized that focusing on what is in front of me will lead me to whatever I need to see or know about myself to heal, grow, and expand. He reminded me that life is our teacher.

As some of you know. I am turning 40 April 22nd and my life recently took a turn and I became single in December 2020. Prior to that I felt like I was finally “on-track” to what I wanted to create in partnership and in my life. Since then I have been processing, healing, crying, laughing, exploring myself and new people, and been asked to go to deeper (and higher) levels within my own journey. It has been intense, to say the least. At times I have felt that I honestly could not handle it. 

The age 40 doesn’t bother me, I think we get better as we go along, but what I have been finding challenging is reconciling where I thought I would be at this age, versus where I actually am. That’s why this concept of focusing on what’s in front of me was exactly what I needed.

When we focus on the past or the future we can find ourselves in a bit of a trap, versus focusing on what exists right here and right now. There is so much programming around what life is “supposed to look like” and the milestones we are supposed to hit at certain ages and with women we throw in the biological clock and it can feel like we missed out, or that what’s meant for us somehow got lost along the way. 

I believe we are always being guided to whatever we need to see, hear, and know. Believe me I get the urge to resist things and wish things were different AND the more we can surrender into that knowing that things are unfolding in ways that are for our highest and greatest good, the more life works in our favor. 

We can’t see the entire trajectory of our lives, so how do we know that what is happening right now is not putting us directly on the path to the greatest thing that ever happened to us? I invite you to go back over the events of your life so far and see how this…led to this…led to this…in the most miraculous way you could never have planned with your human mind. That unseen energy is operating in your life right now. 

I invite you to join me in asking the question “what is in front of me today?” and “how can I show up for what’s in front of me as the highest and best version of myself?” I literally say “Okay God…show me” and I wait and watch and listen. Sometimes I get lost in my past and my triggers and I blow it and sometimes I embody the energy of pure love and impress myself 😉

We are on this ever-expanding journey and we are never going to “get it all done” so who says things aren’t perfect in this moment? Who says we are not being made into the highest and greatest versions of ourselves today so that we can be made into the people who can receive whatever it is we want to experience in our lives?

If you aren’t where you wanted to be at this stage of life, let’s uncover what is keeping you stuck so that you can FLY! I invite you to book a consult call with me and let’s dive in. This work is how we create FREEDOM!