Episode 82: A New Paradigm Of Conscious Relationships with Jessica Hendrick

In this episode I connect with relationship expert, Jessica Hendrick, to dive in to a new way to approach relationships; not just with a partner, but with yourself.

Episode 33: Conscious Relationships & Divine Love with Jess Hendrick

Finding your ideal partner, embracing divine love, and having a conscious relationship doesn’t have to be something you chase but never believe you’ll achieve. By healing your past trauma, rewriting your stories, and manifesting the partner you deserve, that divine love is within your grasp. Jess Hendrick joins me today to talk about why we’re attracted to certain people and how we can break these unhealthy patterns.


Using Conscious Relationships for Personal Evolution – with Jess Hendrick
Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships

I loved this conversation with conscious relationship coach Jess Hendrick! In this episode, we outline why conscious relationships are an accelerated path to growth + evolution, what shifts you can make in order to become a more conscious partner, and what to expect in terms of the benefits + challenges of this path.

Let’s Connect Podcast
with Keith Macpherson | 56 min

Keith is joined by Jessica Hendrick, a certified Conscious Relationship Coach. Jessica assists clients who are experiencing challenges in their relationship by making them aware that their relationship problems are not caused by external factors, but actually, they are the result of our own learned behaviors. Jessica shows that by focusing our attention on ourselves and committing to doing our own inner work, our relationship dynamics automatically shift. Through coaching her clients on how to change their perspective, Jessica is able to guide them to regain their power so that they can not only have a strong relationship with themselves but also their loved ones and the world around them. If you would like to learn more about Jessica, visit her website at www.jesshendrick.com or follow @coachjesshendrick on Instagram.

The Relationship Challenge (w/ Jess Hendrick)
Creatrix Culture

SaraWolf sits down with Conscious Relationship Coach, Jess Hendrick, in an intimate conversation about one of life’s biggest challenges… The human relationship.

Connect with Jess:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/coachjesshendrick

Website: www.jesshendrick.com

Strength Through Vulnerability
with Tommy Dahlborg | 52 min

“My peace is more important than any romantic connection. Done.”
In this episode I had the privilege of speaking with Conscious Relationship Coach, Jess Hendrick. We had a ton of fun talking about subconscious beliefs and how they play a role in our relationships, the importance of self awareness, and how vulnerability plays a role in our relationships.

Total Freedom Podcast Episode 10 with Jess Hendrick | Deep Discovery Led to Her Passion
with John Racine | 41 min

The Total Freedom Podcast is designed to help people do what they want, when they want and with whom they want.
We bring on guests who have overcome the odds to be successful, pivoted into doing something completely different or are living their best lives.

Resiliency and transformation are the theme!


How YOU are the Solution to Improving Your Relationships with Jess Hendrick
with Kelsey Lane Davidson | 43 min

In today’s episode, my guest is Jess Hendrick. Jess is a Conscious Relationship Coach who guides you to release your blocks to improve all your relationship dynamics permanently. In this conversation, we discuss how the relationship you have with yourself impacts all other relationships in your life. We also bust the myths of “I must have kids, a family, a man/woman” to be whole and discuss a variety of topics including setting boundaries in friendships, common beliefs people have that prevent good relationships, “what you focus on expands” and more.⁣ Listen now!

The need to earn another’s love, a conversation with Jessica Hendrick.
Pointe To Rise

Jess is a professionally trained, conscious relationship coach and occupational therapist with a focus on mental health. Her specialty is guiding her clients to release unhealthy patterns, like dating the same person in a different body, recreating the same toxic dynamics, triggers, and reactions and attraction to unavailable people. This is so that they can finally experience fulfillment and connection in a relationship. Jess works with anyone who’s struggling and all types of relationships, including your relationship with yourself.

The Magic Within
Katrina Lelli | Transformation Coach | Life & Business Aligned, Purpose Dri

The Magic Within podcast is all about inspiring stories, wisdom to motivate you, uplifting conversations about life, relationships and business. When we share our stories with one another, we create an impact that is lasting. We’re all about giving tangible tools to help you reignite that fire, shine your light and turn UP that magic that’s within you.

Episode 7: Getting to the roots of conscious relating with Jess Hendrick

Jess Hendrick and I spend time talking about conscious relationships.