New Possibilities Are Created When You Let Go Of Your Story

I am working with an amazing coach (coaches need coaches!), Nathan (who is such a badass!), and he really called me out in our session last week.

He asked me why I don’t have what I want. 

I went into my story about my past and my subconscious beliefs and why I tend to be drawn to things that aren’t always healthy for me despite all the inner work I have done and he listened…and then he said “Jess…your story doesn’t mean shit!”

He went on to explain that we create stories to help us make sense of what happened in the past and that they are backed by a set of beliefs that we are then invited to challenge because if we don’t they will end up causing us to recreate the same circumstances.

Did you follow that?

  1. Something happened in the past that had an impact.
  1. We create a story around it to help us make sense of it. The story is likely valid.
  1. That VERY same story is what can keep us stuck.
  1. The story then becomes an opportunity to overcome beliefs that are keeping us from experiencing what we truly desire.
  1. We then need to set the intention to live in the “now moment” since this is always where our power lies and be OPEN to creating a new experience.

I needed this reminder.

In that moment I committed to loosening my grip on my story and being open to the process of life and deepening my own faith that what I want is either here already or on its way.

So now I’m asking you: 

What is your story? Why don’t you have what you want? 

Are you willing to let it go and be open to a new experience?

If you have a magic wand and could create whatever you wanted in your life – what would you create?

If you need some support untangling from you story and claiming what you desire – let’s connect:

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