Nothing is Wrong With You

This is one of the biggest, most painful beliefs that I see in the work that I do in the world. “Something is wrong with me” and then the finding of evidence to support that belief. 

One of the pitfalls of doing our inner work is things become illuminated that are not serving us and we can use this as more ammunition in our self-fulfilling prophecy that something is wrong with us. 


You are a human on the planet, walking through challenges that can be vehicles to your own healing and evolution – that’s it! 

We all have stories, patterns, and programs that are no longer serving us – but that served us very well for a long time and were born out of a need to survive in our environments in the past. 

When we become aware of these patterns it is VITAL that we meet these places with love and compassion. Otherwise guess what? We are perpetuating the past trauma that the belief was born from in the first place!

Please please be so kind, so gentle, and so loving with yourself in these tender places that are shining a light on what needs healing.

When we feel safe enough to let the pattern go, it will go!

You are perfect, in this moment, exactly as you are. You are a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time. Welcome to being human. There are days when things flow beautifully and days when shit hits the fan and falls apart and it’s all part of this earth school we are experiencing.

I love you. 

That is all.

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