Our Beliefs & How They Impact Our Relationships

Have you ever felt your mind spiral out of control, thinking of all kinds of unsupportive and painful thoughts? When we are spiraling, we think that what we are thinking is the truth, when it is actually just our own individual interpretation of the truth (based on our past experiences).

We associate what is in front of us with experiences from our past and we draw conclusions. For example if someone ends a relationship we may think “it’s my fault” or “something is wrong with me” or “he/she didn’t value me” based on our beliefs about ourselves. When there is likely any number of possibilities as to why the relationship was fractured and many of them have little to do with you personally. When we can start to look at relationships as a mirror, we can recognize that there are many layers and stop shaming ourselves.

The truth is that the closer we get to someone the more likely they will reflect back to us anything within ourselves that has yet to be healed. This works both ways, for both partners. It is a part of relationships that is not commonly known or understood. People will often reject or run from the actual relationship, when the real issue is their unhealed wounding is being triggered by a dynamic within the relationship. 

Leaving the relationship does not solve this as it will continue to be revealed with the next partner. Once this happens a few times, if we are lucky, we begin to go within and do our inner work to uncover what is happening and how to shift it (that’s where working with me comes in!).

Relationship dynamics can be uncovered and shifted and healed. Sometimes it gets messy. We are all human. I invite you to release judgement (on yourself and others) and look closer at what this is showing you about you. I invite you to not end a relationship abruptly before you go within and understand your patterns and programs. Otherwise we really are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. 

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