Our Mental Filter Creates Our Reality in Relationships

We see the world through the lens of our belief system. Our belief system is shaped by our past experiences and past traumas. Because of this, no two people will experience something the exact same way. 

If you had a critical parent, you may interpret a seemingly benign comment as critical. If you had an overbearing parent, you may interpret someone as overbearing, and so on. Not to say that what is happening in the present moment is not actually happening, but to point out that we will be more sensitive to things that we experienced in our families of origin and likely be triggered by that familiar energy. 

Having an understanding of this in relationships is vitally important because whenever we experience conflict with another person – we are very likely having a different interpretation of what is happening than they are. Each person’s perception is their reality. Each person’s experience is valid – even though they are different.

When we can separate out the FACTS of what happened from our personal INTERPRETATION of what happened we create an opening where we can share our own personal experience as well as listen to the other person’s personal experience and create a safe space for each person to feel seen, heard, loved, and supported and from there we come back into alignment and can repair the rupture that was created.

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