Our Minds Are Not Always Our Friends

Where are my fellow over-thinkers at? Is anyone else trying to “figure out” the answers so you can avoid pain and experience more joy and finally feel how you want to feel and experience what you desire in your life?

What if the answers don’t come at the level of the mind? What if the solutions don’t come from deciphering things psychologically, but instead come from spending more time in our hearts?

Our minds are constantly predicting and consolidating our experiences around our belief systems and “meaning-making”. Our past experiences are the framework it uses to create meaning on the current experiences and this causes the same neural pathways to fire and be reinforced over and over again. 

This is where we start to see the same themes reflected in our lives. We can create new experiences if we can surrender the need to “figure things out” using our knowledge and instead tap into deeper wisdom that is beyond the level of the mind – that is literally a field of pure consciousness and infinite potential. In any moment there are infinite possibilities that we can tap into.

So how do we make the shift from our heads into our hearts? By noticing when our mind is taking us on a rollercoaster ride and becoming the loving witness of it. Recognizing that it is most likely trying to avoid discomfort and then gently bring the focus back to the present moment. The present moment is what we create from and where infinite potential exists. 

Use whatever excuse you can access to get into your heart. Think about something or someone you really love or allow your imagination to access the best possible scenario in the current situation and tap into the feeling state of that experience. Allow yourself to dream and your imagination will create the space of love for you and from this place miracles unfold. 

Miracles are occurring every instant but we often miss them because we are so busy trying to “figure things out”. When we are in our hearts the things are we trying to figure out will organize themselves. When we open our hearts and stay present from that space of love that allows divine intelligence to work through us and that intelligence is much higher than our human mind. This is how we get out of our own way. This is the practice of the embodiment of love.

Whatever we are present to will dictate the meaning we give to it. Choose stories that feel good to you and expand your mind to create a new experience. What if it could be better than you could ever imagine? What if you are exactly where you need to be and everything is working out perfectly for you? What if there is a divine order to all of it?

This is your invitation to practice the art of presence and being in your heart. In interactions with yourself intentionally come back to a state of loving presence and watch how things organize themselves perfectly.  

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