Our Outer World is a Reflection of Our Inner World

We give the circumstances of our lives meaning based on our own interpretation of the events. Whatever experiences we have in the world will reflect back to us our beliefs about ourselves and about the world.

When we know this, it makes sense to create awareness around any beliefs that are creating undesirable circumstances or discord in our lives. Many of these beliefs are under our conscious awareness, which is why I recommend having a coach to guide you to uncover them. It is only in creating awareness around such beliefs that we have the power to change them and thus change what is happening in our outer circumstances.

Many of us get stuck in habit patterns of thinking that cause anxiety and depression and other uncomfortable emotions. These habits can be shifted and ultimately the brain can be re-wired to experience peace and harmony much more often.

When we are experiencing peace and harmony in our minds, we will view our circumstances through a different lens and anything that isn’t aligned with peace or harmony will fall away and be replaced by things, people, circumstances that are aligned.

Our work is to decide what we want to experience in the world and then align our minds to match those experiences. We need to get clear on what we want to create and experience and how it would FEEL and get into that feeling state as often as possible. It may be challenging at first, especially if you’ve been feeling anxious or depressed, but even a few minutes a day will start to shift your overall energy and gain momentum to create lasting change.

I am here to support you in this. You don’t have to face your pain and challenges alone. Let’s uncover what’s holding you back from experiencing the life and the relationships you desire because you DESERVE IT!

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