Regression is a Part of Healing

Healing is not linear. Some days we may feel like things are shifting for the better and we are finally in a different place and some days we may slip back into old habit patterns of thinking and being and feel like we haven’t made any progress at all. This is all part of it. There is no perfect way to heal. 

We heal in layers – like an onion. We begin at the surface and go layer by layer using the feedback loop of life which gives us information and helps us to create awareness around the places and spaces where we are not yet free – and this is our starting point. Most of us will not be drawn to make any changes until we are in enough pain to where the pain of change is less than the pain of staying the same. 

Each of us has our own unique soul curriculum and lessons to learn during this lifetime and we don’t have control over the lessons we learn, we only have control over how we meet them and as soon as we learn one lesson another one will appear or the next layer of the same lesson will appear. We never get it all done. This is the process of expansion and evolution. 

Each new level/each layer of the onion we reach will have new challenges which are actually opportunities to grow and heal and create new experiences in our lives and our relationships as a result. As we liberate ourselves at each layer, our outer world and life will also shift.

Even if we feel that in this moment we have regressed – this moment still holds valuable information that we likely need to see in order to continue moving forward on our healing journey. It’s all data. Life is our teacher. What is here to look at in this present moment?

It is all a journey of self-discovery and the more we learn the more we can liberate ourselves from anything within us that is keeping us from the life experience that we truly desire – more love, peace, acceptance, faith, trust.

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