Releasing a Person

I just had a session with my Coach Santo @rudysantocastro and we dove deep. We talked about why we are on the planet and what it really means to love. We talked about the abandonment wound that we both share and how it comes up full force when relationships are threatened or when they end. We talked about how all things eventually end. 

Being a human on this planet means sometimes things don’t go the way we want them to. My relationship ending was very humbling for me because I really did everything in my power to show up fully, love fully, and use the lessons within it to expand and grow within myself and within the partnership. I put my entire heart and soul into it and it wasn’t enough to save it. What a lesson right? I teach this stuff and it still wasn’t enough.

We can’t love someone into staying. Everyone has their own path, their own perception, their own lessons, their own timing. Things that were once aligned don’t always last. It is painful. There are so many layers in romantic relationships and subconscious patterns of protection playing out. 

I asked Santo what is the point in opening my heart and loving again only to possibly have the experience of it all crumbling and he said to me “we are here to learn how to love” and that fully loving a person means allowing them to be exactly as they are and giving them the space to leave if they need to and loving them anyway. That is true mastery.

Releasing someone can be the most loving thing for them (and for you). Deciding to release your energetic grip on someone to free them and free yourself from a harmful dynamic is an act of love. I have seen absolute miracles as a result of releasing people (more on that in another post).

Ask yourself what is the most loving thing I can do in this moment and choose that, as often as possible. If the answer is letting someone go, then that’s the best answer. It doesn’t mean that it needs to be forever. We don’t know what’s going to happen. If things are supposed to come back around, they will, but in this moment what is the most loving thing for yourself?

If you are struggling with releasing someone I am here to help. Getting support is one way to show ourselves love. I welcome you to book a call with me: