Shift to source love from God – rather than a specific person

If we wait for the moment when things line up perfectly in a relationship in order to allow ourselves to experience and feel love – we are going to miss out on other sources of love. 

There is so much love available moment to moment – day to day – that we can actually MISS if we have a disproportionate attachment to love coming from a specific person. We can actually pinch ourselves off from experiencing love in other forms. 

This has been a journey for me as I have desired to be in a healthy loving partnership for as long as I can remember AND I have had many of them AND it has been a bit of a roller coaster because in the past I found when I was in relationship and things were going well I allowed myself to feel the energy of love and conversely, when that was not happening, I would be devastated.

Life is life and sometimes things will work out the way we want them to, and sometimes they won’t. What if a shift in perception could allow us to tune into love and experience love more often – regardless of our circumstances?

I found a lot more peace and experienced a lot more love when I learned to source love from God – rather than a specific person. God to me is a benevolent energy that is within us and around us that is constantly loving us, supporting us, holding us, and lifting everything to divine right order FOR us. When I remember that that energy is real and has got me – I can relax into the flow and the process of life much more easily and experience love in all forms. 

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is meditate and breathe. I put my hand on my heart and tune into the energy of love that is within my being. I focus on it and allow it to expand. I ask to be used in service of unconditional love and then I go about my day with the intention of embodying love and being open to experiencing love. 

When I do this, I am shown every day, without fail, how loved I am, how supported I am, how held I am – but it takes me consciously tuning into that field in order for me to notice these experiences. It is such a vast difference from sourcing love through one person! 

This, to me, is a much more peaceful way to exist in the world because I am less attached to the conditions of my life looking a certain way and instead allowing each day to be an adventure and open to possibilities and experience of love.

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