Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Many of my clients come to me with the question of: “should I stay or should I leave my relationship?”

I will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do (because that is not supportive or ethical in my opinion) but what I will help you do is untangle what is showing up that is creating this question in the first place so that you can make an empowered decision from a more peaceful and grounded place because this is the place where the answers come from. 

In order to be able to answer the question we need to go deeper and understand what is showing up to cause you to ask this question in the first place. 

Romantic relationships will bring up everything that is hiding. Whatever is unhealed within us will be mirrored back to us and often we can mistake this as something being wrong with the relationship which may cause us to leave the relationship prematurely rather than using it as an opportunity to expand, heal and truly alchemize things that are coming up.

Whether we stay or go, the same “stuff” is going to come up in the next relationship so we might as well take this moment as an opportunity to uncover the deeper layers of what is being illuminated within the dynamic. 

Every couple has a dance and more often than not we are projecting our unhealed wounds onto our partner in an unconscious attempt to try to work them out. It can really feel like they are doing something “to us” but I invite you to be open to shifting your perception on that.

This is an opportunity to put the focus back onto ourselves and really learn what the dynamic is bringing up so that we can give that part of us what it is truly needing and become liberated – rather than continually being stuck in an unconscious pattern that keeps perpetuating. 

Until you have gone through the process of uncovering the deeper layers it will be impossible to make an informed decision about what is best for you. If you can allow yourself to be in the unknown and get curious – the answers always come. 

Doing your own inner work will provide you with never levels of awareness and shifts in perception which will provide you with more clarity and the answers will be illuminated along the way.

Or…you can keep doing what you’re doing and see how that goes too…

You ready?

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