Societal Timelines & Breaking Free of Matrix Programming

Are you upset because you aren’t where you thought you’d be by now? Are you “behind” by society’s standards and feeling a sense of urgency to catch up? If so, you’re not alone. 

Pushing against “what is” does not create an energy of flow but it can be challenging to let go and surrender with this deep societal programming around certain milestones happening “by a certain age” when the reality is we all have our own timelines. So let’s dismantle this a bit to give you some relief.

There is one mold that we are taught that is thought to be the path to happiness that goes a little something like this: get an education, meet someone, get engaged, get married, buy a house, have a kid, have another kid, work your ass off until you’re 65 and barely live and save enough money to retire and so on and if we deviate from this rigid path we can feel like we are failing or behind. 

The truth is that these timelines are imposed on us at such an early age and are actually a matrix program that causes us to forget the truth of who we are and our divine nature – which is infinite potential. The idea of timelines energizes fear instead of teaching us to trust the flow of life and allowing things to unfold naturally (which is where the miracles happen). 

The more we can trust and allow the more things flow in our lives and we all have different starting points and different lessons and different paths – to think that one mold should fit everyone is actually insane.

People’s life paths unfold in all kinds of different ways. The more we can loosen the grip on what we think is supposed to be happening, the more we can be available to what actually IS.

This is not to say that it’s bad or wrong to want what we want. I believe the desires that exist in your heart are there for a reason and they are tied to your life path. I also know that the process of aligning with what we desire is about getting really clear on what we want, asking for and energizing that vision, and then fully surrendering the how and allowing life to flow.

We cannot see the entire trajectory of our lives. We don’t know what is going to lead to what. Practice asking yourself “what if” questions in a positive sense. What if everything is unfolding in perfect divine timing right in this moment? What if you’re exactly where you need to be? What if there is no rush for any of it? What if things had to totally breakdown and dismantle themselves so that you could align with what you truly want? What if life is orchestrating all you desire to unfold perfectly for you and it looks different than the plan in your head?

I know in my life sometimes I have gotten exactly what I wanted, only to realize it came with its own set of challenges. I have clients and friends who have checked all the societal boxes and they have realized that happiness and peace continues to be an inside job, despite their external worlds looking like they fit the societal mold exactly.

Bringing our focus back to this moment and this day can be helpful in calming the monkey mind that’s going crazy telling us stories about how we are falling short. Taking things day by day. Being open to what’s in front of you. Following what flows and allowing life to bless and surprise you is the antidote. 

We can allow the same force that causes planets to revolve around the sun, and acorns to turn into oak trees and embryos to turn into babies to operate in our lives…OR…we can try to do it ourselves (which spoiler alert: doesn’t work). 

Also time is not linear. We can jump timelines as we shift our own energy and things can happen quickly. There are infinite possibilities for all of it.

I witness my clients create massive change within months with challenges that had previously taken years to shift. It’s all possible. 

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