Subconscious Reprogramming

“Pay attention to your patterns. The way you learned to survive may not be the way you want to continue to live. Heal and shift” – Thelma Bryant-Davis

So much of what we have learned in childhood impacts our day to day functioning and how we interact in relationships.

Between the ages of 0-7 we decide our beliefs about the world, based on our childhood experiences. Some of these beliefs serve us, and some limit us. Any experience we had where we experiences a high state of emotion (usually negative) creates an imprint in the subconscious mind that may sound something like “I’m not worthy”, “I am alone”, “People leave”, etc and we carry these beliefs with us as adults, seeing through the lens of these beliefs.

We will call in the very people, places, and circumstances which prove our beliefs right – every time. This is why we create similar dynamics, even with different people. This is also why we can have a deep desire in our heart (for connection, love etc.) and continue to create the opposite in our lives.

Uncovering these beliefs and creating awareness around them is how we FREE ourselves. If we don’t know what our beliefs are, we will keep playing them out over and over again and end up feeling frustrated and defeated. I take my clients through processes to rewire the brain and prune away those old beliefs so they can finally step into the healthy, loving, connected relationships they desire.

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