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We all have baggage: Should we unpack it or keep carrying it around? 

Being a human on the planet means that we all have varying degrees of baggage that impact us and our relationships on a day to day basis. We have two choices: we can keep carrying our baggage around without looking inside and let it continue to impact our lives on an unconscious level OR we can unpack it and have a chance to be liberated from it.

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“Right-sizing” the Importance of a Romantic Relationship 

Do you feel like the importance you place on a romantic partnership far outweighs all other areas of your life? Do you feel like if you don’t have a romantic partner then life is pretty meaningless? You’re not alone. I felt like this for so many years and to be honest I can sometimes still fall into this way of thinking. It has always been a dream of mine to build a life with a partner and there’s nothing wrong with that, but when I was hyper-focused on it, it did not help and probably drove it away even more.

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