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Do You Keep Experiencing Hurt in the Same Relationship?

It takes two to tango and challenges and conflict don’t happen in a vacuum. Even if the other person is responsible for 95% of the issue, we are still responsible for 5%. In the healthiest relationships both people are committed to looking at their part, owning and acknowledging any hurt their actions have caused and willing to repair whatever impact was created (even if it was not intentional). 

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Generational Trauma and Breaking the Cycle

We carry 7 generations of energy from our family lineage in our DNA. Think of your parents and their parents and what you know they have been through in their lives and then think of the previous generations who survived wars and all kinds of hardships that we aren’t even aware of. They basically existed in survival mode all of the time and obviously when we are in survival mode becoming the highest versions of ourselves isn’t the top priority.

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