The Lies Our Minds Tell Us & How To Break Free

You know the stories your mind tells you when you’re having a hard time? Stories like “it’s always going to be this way” or “no one will ever love me” that feel REALLY TRUE in the moment? 

Well they aren’t true. They aren’t even close to the truth. They are the voice of past trauma. 

The word trauma can throw people off because often they think of acute trauma like car accidents, war, or abuse. The truth is all humans have experienced some level of trauma – there are just varying degrees. Chronic trauma also exists when we are exposed repeatedly to the same event that is distressing which impacts the wiring in our brains and causes us to imprint certain protection patterns to “keep us safe”.

We needed to develop these protection patterns to survive in earlier environments and we can thank them for how they served us for a time. By the time my clients come to me their protection patterns are now negatively impacting their lives and their relationships and at that point it’s time to do some healing and rewiring of the brain.

Trauma occurs when we experience something distressing that overwhelmed our coping mechanisms and left us different moving forward. The brain imprinted a memory of this event and we decided certain things about the world, for example: I am alone and things will never get better.

That same voice usually tells us that something is really wrong with us and we are totally alone and our instinct is often to blame and shame ourselves and hide away in our experience which is actually the exact opposite of what heals us.

What heals us is bringing it to the light. Sharing your feelings and your heart in a safe loving space where you get confirmation that you are, in fact, not alone at all. You are simply having a very human experience. 

What often happens is people keep attracting the same situation and same relationship even with different avatars because they subconsciously want to correct the old experience. We must identify the pattern and learn to do something differently in order to create different results. 

Working with a practitioner who is trauma-informed can provide you with the safe space you are needing to identify, process, and integrate old energy so that you can start to write a new and more supportive story for yourself.

I guide my clients to uncover beliefs, patterns, and programs that are keeping them stuck in experiences that reinforce the old story, so that they can finally experience freedom.

In just a few months your life can look and feel very different but of course it starts with you.

Doing something differently could be committing to getting some support for yourself here:

Let’s chat about it. I can’t wait to connect with you!

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