The Pain is the Portal

As humans we are wired to go towards pleasure and avoid pain and it is very easy to think when we are experiencing pain that something is wrong and we need to get out of pain as fast as possible.

Dwelling in the pain doesn’t serve us, however, what I have found in my life is that pain is information. Our emotions are always guiding us and they can reveal to us what works for us and what doesn’t. What feels like peace and what feels icky. It’s all information when we stop over-identifying with it or labeling it.

When we know what we DON’T want we know what we DO want. The contrast (or the things that aren’t working) causes us to refine things and ask for something more aligned. 

The pain is the portal for healing, expansion, and co-creation with the divine. It is an opportunity to grow and shift our energetic vibration and align with a new version of reality. 

Caterpillars go into their cocoons and literally bash themselves up against the sides of it until they turn into a pulp and undergo a metamorphosis to turn into butterflies. The way they transform is not a gentle process. Pearls are formed by the grit in the oyster. 

These examples in nature show us that life gives us spiritual sandpaper to polish away and smooth out things that are not serving us within our psyches so that we can create a new experience because we see the world through the lens of our belief systems.

All things are possible in the quantum field. We just need to become an energetic match to them and allow them into our experience. We become an energetic match by doing our own inner work and releasing any patterns, thoughts, and behaviors that do not serve us in aligning with the highest version of ourselves.

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