We Determine the Meaning of our Experiences

We humans are meaning-making machines. We see the world through the lens of our own personal belief system and then we give it meaning. The way we interpret things in the present moment is determined by our past experiences.

We all have certain patterns, programs, and themes that show up on repeat. Think of the things that keep showing up in your life. Are you dating the same person in a different body? Are you attracted to people who are unavailable? Do you have a fear of abandonment, only to experience abandonment over and over? We may think we are powerless to shift our experience because of these repeating experiences but that is not the truth.

Creating awareness around the patterns and programs that we are operating from that are no longer serving us is the first step to liberating ourselves from them. 

Not making these patterns bad or wrong is also very important as we likely needed them at some point to help us survive in our home environments as children. Our minds are so brilliant that we developed coping mechanisms to try to get our needs met and they worked (until they didn’t work).

Whatever we believe will become true for us. If we believe that we live in a friendly universe – we will find evidence of that and if we believe that world is out to get us – we will find evidence of that.

For me, many of my default perceptions are negative by default. This past weekend, I had an experience that I noticed my brain really wanted to interpret as a mistake/bad/wrong. My mind REALLY wanted to go there. But I was able to use my awareness of my thinking pattern that was not going to serve me and choose a new perspective of looking at the situation which was that it was a learning experience and some of it was actually really beautiful. 

Life is always giving us a feedback loop. What if nothing was ever bad or wrong but just information for us to go off of to co-create from?

Whatever isn’t working in your life creates contrast – it shows you what you don’t want…and when you know what you DON’T want you know what you DO want and you can set the intention to co-create with that newfound clarity.

Receiving support to identify and clear out any old subconscious patterns, programs and beliefs that are no longer serving you is one of the most loving gifts you can give yourself because it will allow you to create new experiences.

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