We must care for ourselves FIRST before we try to show up for others

How many of you have found yourself trying to give from an empty cup? That’s been showing up for me again in new ways lately.

I am moving through some of the deepest layers of my own healing and subconscious programming and it has taken me out a few times to be totally honest.

This reorganization is asking me to care for myself and my nervous system more deeply than ever before. I have had to slow down and really listen to my body and how it is responding to gauge how much energy I can give in any given situation. 

Recently I decided to foster a baby kitten that needs a lot of care and I got sick and was isolated for 7 days which triggered me back into some old wiring in my brain that made me very depressed. 

I actually decided to ask for help. From friends, from family…and I was honest about where I was at and it felt scary to be that open and vulnerable. 

My old story is that I am too much, I am the problem and that everyone will think I am crazy and that I will scare people if I share how I am feeling. 

I share this because I am really learning the importance of putting my own oxygen mask on first before I show up for anyone else in my life. The reason I got to that point is because I was doing and giving beyond my own personal capacity which doesn’t help anyone else and sure doesn’t help me!

If we do not care for ourselves first we are trying to give from an empty cup which can build resentment and that isn’t fair to others and will not serve us in our relationships if we are abandoning ourselves.

So I slowed down. I prayed. I asked for help. I cried. I hired a new coach to support me in creating safety in my body. I allowed myself to be human. I scheduled in time to go in the ocean to clear my energy field.

If you are struggling it is information. Something needs to shift. Can you give yourself the gift of slowing down and listening to what you need? Can you have compassion that you are human and doing the best you can? Can you get support for yourself if it feels like too much to handle alone? This is the invitation. 

I am here to support you if you are feeling depleted and it’s impacting your life and relationships. Slowing down can lead to speeding up in a more aligned way that feels good for you: mind, body, and soul.

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