When Your Life Turns Upside Down

“Don’t worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?” – Rumi

This is a time of major rearranging and reorganizing on the planet. Things are shifting and reorganizing at a faster pace than ever. It can look and feel like things are totally falling apart. It can throw us into fear and panic and even trigger us into a trauma response. 

I personally just had a major shake up in my own world. People and things that I really thought would always be there, may not be, and to be totally honest I don’t even know what is the best thing at this point. 

This is where we really need to lean into surrender and trust. Trust that things that are breaking down and falling away are being rearranged. Trust that this dissolution may be necessary in order for us to become aligned with the deepest desires of our hearts. Trust that in the rearranging and walking through the fire that anything that no longer serves us is being burned away. 

Is this easy? No. Is surrender and trust and faith beyond logic likely the only way we will return to peace? Yes. 

Can we learn to love ourselves through facing our deepest fears and experiencing pain, grief and loss, even if we played a part in those outcomes? 

Can we choose to meet ourselves and others with love and compassion over and over again and allow God/Spirit/Universe to work out the details and the unfolding?

Some things that can help during times like these:

  • Taking things moment by moment. Even “day by day” can feel too overwhelming, but slowing down and taking things moment by moment can help. What’s needed in this moment? Do I need to feel my feelings? Call a friend? Drink some water? Eat Something? What about the next moment? 
  • Put the focus back on taking care of yourself – we can’t control anyone or anything else but we can control how we show up for ourselves 
  • If you don’t know what to do, do nothing. Practice the pause. Trust that more will be revealed and if action is necessary it will become obvious
  • Get support – work with a coach or therapist who is objective who can help you navigate things from an outside perspective
  • Think back to times in your life when things were really falling apart and didn’t seem like they would be okay and look at how they ended up working out – the same sort of orchestration will happen here, we just can’t see how yet.
  • Pray. Surrender. Hand it all over to God/Spirit/Universe. Do this on repeat.
  • Hold your deepest desires in your heart and trust that all is unfolding to support you in experiencing them. Feel the feelings of already having them in your life. 
  • Go with the flow of life rather than pushing against it. Follow the flow. Go towards what flows.

You are all courageous beautiful spiritual warriors and I send you love for these incredibly challenging times we are living in. 

You are not alone. 

Hold on.

I love you.

If you need support in navigating things – reach out and book a call with me at the link below and let’s walk this path together.


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