Wishing Other People Would Show Up Differently? You need to go FIRST!

It can be so easy to get stuck wishing people were different. If only they would do x, y, z then I could be okay right? If you have felt like this, congratulations you’re human. 

Here’s the secret. We can’t control the way other people show up. They are on their own paths and have their own journeys. Furthermore, how they show up for us is NOT a reflection on our worth or our inherent value (read that again). The way people behave is a reflection of their relationship with themselves.

We CAN control how we show up for ourselves. We need to internally embody the things we seek and once we do that energetically – our outer world will match and people and things we are not aligned with will naturally fall away making space for what IS aligned to come in.

If we desire more love in our lives, we need to give love to others (and ourselves). If we want more respect, we need to respect others (and ourselves). We set the tone. We go FIRST. 

Think of the qualities you want in your friends/family/partner and practice showing up that way first. Do you wish your partner would listen more? Practice listening to them and being totally present. The shifts we make can often shift the entire dynamic. 

Sometimes I work with one half of a couple if the other person isn’t ready to commit to regular coaching and even just one person doing their own inner work, learning tools for communication and healing breakdowns, can create miraculous shifts in the relationship.

Embodying what we desire and seek in the world will also naturally filter out anyone or anything that isn’t on a similar energetic vibration. Committing to our own peace and well-being and knowing what works for us and what doesn’t is an important aspect of self-love and self-care. 

This is your invitation this week to practice embodying the things you seek in the world and showing up that way FIRST. Then watch how your world and relationships shift.

Honoring you on your journey and sending you love!

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