You Have To Believe You Can Have What You Want

I recently started working with Peggy Rometo to help me refine my intuition and tap into that creative power that we all have to BE, DO, and HAVE whatever we can dream.

During one of our sessions we talked about how to tell the difference between intuition and fear. We all have an inner knowing that is guiding us at all times and it can get confusing if our limiting beliefs and fears are really loud.

I asked her specifically about romantic relationships because I always get the same question from my clients: how do we know when it’s time to throw in the towel and walk away or stay together and keep working at it?

It’s important to note that when we are in a triggered state of fight or flight our logical thinking is literally inaccessible. Something in the present has triggered a past trauma and our brain puts us into full on protection mode. I advise my clients never to make big decisions when they are in this state because the perception is not accurate. Whatever decision you make, you want to make from a centered and calm place.

If there is a breakdown or conflict, we need to take ownership of our side of the street and understand what we are contributing to the dynamic in order to shift the dynamic. Many times we have a subconscious belief that has been activated like “People always leave” or “I am alone” and our brain is going to work gathering evidence to prove it right aka “keep us safe” from the “impending threat”.

I guide my clients to uncover the beliefs like this that are keeping them stuck and not allowing them to create what they want. Peggy taught me that one of the key components in creating what we desire in our lives is to actually BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE to have what we want. 

We need to train our minds to go towards what is possible more and more often and surrender and release any beliefs that do not align with what we want to create. What do you want most? Do you believe it’s possible? 

Are you ready to let go of any belief that is keeping you stuck? I would be honored to help you – book a call with me here:

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