Your Life Belongs to YOU

Something happened when I turned 40. I felt myself just let it all go. I let go of all of the expectations of where I should be by now, and who I should (or shouldn’t) be with and decided to just tune in with myself and make decisions about these things moment by moment based on my emotional guidance system.

One of my favorite teachers Abraham Hicks talks about the “emotional guidance system” and how we only want the things we want because of how we will FEEL once we have them. Which means that our work is to go towards the things that bring us joy and appreciation. It doesn’t matter the specifics of what these things are. The more we are in the experience of appreciation the more we will align energetically with more experiences that match that feeling. It is energetic law. 

Our emotions are always communicating with us and guiding us. We KNOW when something feels aligned and when it doesn’t. Taking a few minutes to check in with yourself and ask “what can I do for myself today to make me happy/bring me peace?” and really listening to the answer is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself. 

Your life belongs to you. You get to choose what feels supportive and loving for yourself. You get to stand in your truth and communicate what you are needing/wanting and give the other person a chance to step up. If they don’t, then space will be created for something (or someone) more aligned to come in. Again, it’s energetic law. 

The universe supports self honoring decisions. Our work is to tune in with ourselves and check in and practice following our inner guidance. It will not lead us astray. This may mean setting boundaries, stopping communication, being very selective about who and what is allowed into our energetic field. Things that bring us down have no place here if we want to experience fulfillment more frequently.

You cannot miss what is meant for you. The more you know yourself and go towards what brings you joy/peace/love the more you will be in alignment and from that energetic space more joy/peace/love will flow to you. Anything that is not aligned will fall away to make space for the new. 

It is TIME to allow yourself to be in the experience of happiness and peace more often. Will you join me in allowing yourself that? We get so bogged down with the circumstances of life sometimes and there is so much love available to us in every moment if we choose to focus on that. Choose YOU. Choose what brings you peace and watch as everything else flows into place.