Your Life Won’t Change Until You Do

We experience the world through the lens of our belief system which is determined by our past experiences. Our brain is an amazing computer that is constantly making meaning and coming to conclusions based on things that have already happened but it doesn’t leave much room for the space of new possibilities. Doing our inner work will give our brains a much-needed software upgrade. 

Your job is to open up and believe that the desires in your heart are there for a reason and that you can open up to receive it all. 

We are made in the image and likeness of God which means we have the same creative factor within us to co-create with the divine. We can choose to keep creating the same story and same experiences in our lives OR we can choose to believe in infinite possibilities and have faith that the divine is literally expressing itself and experiencing itself through us and because of that we can co-create with that energy and experience the deepest desires that exist in our hearts on the playground of planet earth.

Whatever we believe will become true for us. 

Pretty much everyone has been going through it the past two years and everything within us that has been holding us back continues to be revealed just like all the things that are not working on the planet are also being revealed. It’s like a detox process – it all needs to come up in order to be released. The things that are not working in our individual lives need to crumble to give us the opportunity to rebuild in a way that is more aligned. Sometimes a breakdown is needed to pave the way for a breakthrough. 

It’s time for us to remember who the fuck we are. To remember our essence. Every one of us has gifts to share with the world and we are all meant to share them in a way that feels aligned for us. You are imbued with the seeds of divinity and there is nothing you can’t be, do, or have. You shining your light gives others permission to do the same. 

I KNOW that it can feel hard and impossible and super dark at times. I also know that contrast causes us to ASK and when we are experiencing things that we don’t want it causes us to ask for what we DO want. We also don’t know what leads to what…meaning that the worst thing that happened to you could put you on the path to the BEST thing that ever happened to you. So we need to practice having faith beyond logic. 

Lean into that faith.

Lean into love.

Lean into your inner guidance.

Choose the beliefs that support you in living the most aligned, beautiful, loving, miraculous life and the universe will rise up to meet you in that energy field.

Give yourself permission to tell a new story and embody the energy you wish to experience and all that is aligned with that energy will be drawn into your life – it is the universal law.

You are powerful beyond measure. You’re tapping into your gifts. You’re experiencing your desires. You co-creating with the universe is why you’re here! 

This is my FAVORITE thing about working with clients is reminding them of the truth of who they are and supporting them in tapping in with their infinite potential and witnessing the miracles they create! 

If you need some support with this process reach out and book a consult call. I can’t wait to connect with you! Click HERE to connect.

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