Your Patterns Will Keep Showing Up In Every Relationship

How we do one thing is how we do everything. If we have a pattern of thinking around lack and limitation it will show up in every area of our lives (relationships, money, career, health). This is because it is a mental filter that we view the world through. When we can change the filter our life circumstances will also change. 

Relationships of all types will mirror back to us our own filter and our own belief systems. If we have a belief of not being enough, for example, we will view the world through that lens and subconsciously find evidence to prove that belief right. We will also project that belief onto others and feel that however they show up is not enough for us. 

If we do not have an understanding of this we may keep going from person to person, or job to job, seeking to outrun our own mental filter and find that we are simply recreating the same experiences over and over again with different avatars.

Think about the patterns and themes that keep showing up in your life on repeat. Do you always have challenges with female bosses? Do you keep attracting people who are unavailable? Is there a pattern of infidelity? Do you hold things in until you can’t take it anymore and then explode? Take an honest look at your life and what do you see?

We repeat what we don’t heal. If we do not get to the root of these patterns they will continue. Liberation comes when we uncover the deeper truth of the initial core wounding and give it what it is needing to be processed, integrated, and healed so that it does not have to keep coming up to get our attention in our relationships.

If this resonates and you are committed to your own liberation and creating a NEW EXPERIENCE in relating I invite you to book a consult call to connect with me here:

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